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  15. Burlington Low Level WC

  16. Burlington WC

  17. Options 600 open back with soft close seat

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  19. Aspect close to wall c/c and soft close seat

  20. Studio open back with soft close seat

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  27. Aspect back to wall pan and soft close seat

  28. sicily close to wall wc with soft close seat

  29. Pure open back with soft close seat

  30. Options 600 (4 piece seat)

  31. Genoa back to wall with soft close

  32. Genoa (4 piece set)

  33. Pura

Beautiful clean lines, effortlessly chic, contemporary styling, stunning high quality finish and unbelievablely good value - Choose an S&A Bathroom. Our extensive sanitaryware collection caters for all budgets and tastes, whilst ensuring the latest styles and the best quality.

At S&A Contractors Bathrooms Ltd, we understand that bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we offer suites available for areas where space is at a premium. We offer space saving solutions along with the, hugely popular, traditional bathrooms, the ultra sleek modern look and state of the art suites, giving you the opportunity to create a futuristic bathroom.

Close Coupled Open Back WC

When looking for a well-designed toilet to match your bathroom, choose one of our close coupled toilets to create a statement with an innovative design. The ultimate space savers - close coupled toilets are a popular choice amongst most. Combining modern design with streamlined style - they're surface mounted and easy to install. The variation in design and size gives you more choiceOffered with;

Fully Back to Wall WC

With a back to wall toilet all the pipework is concealed along with the cistern to create a very sleek and compact toilet solution.

Offered with;

Back to Wall WC

With a back to wall toilet all the pipework is concealed along with the cistern to create a very sleek and compact toilet solution, ideal where space is a premium.

Offered with;

Wall Hung WC

Inject boutique chic into your bathroom with a wall hung toilet - the stylish choice. The wall hung toilet creates an uncluttered space by concealing water outlets and other parts of the toilet to give you a visually appealing minimalist look in your bathroom.

In addition to ultra-modern design appeal, wall hung toilets also have a smaller footprint than freestanding traditional toilets. This should be taken into consideration where there is limited space. Cleaning and maintenance of wall hung toilets is easier than conventional ones, with fewer hard to reach areas for dirt to get trapped in.

Let the charm of the wall hung toilet inspire the rest of your room design - maximising all of the space you have

Offered with;

Short Projection WC

The short projection is available in a choice of designs. Compact toilets are the ideal space-saving solution for small bathrooms, en-suites and cloakrooms.

Comfort Height WC

For a more accessible toilet that is practical for everyday use for those who are less mobile or who suffer from joint pains, these units are the perfect solution. Sits 70mm higher than a standard toilet making it extra comfortable to use.

Soft Close Toilet Seat

Our range of Soft Close seats features soft close hinges to ensure controlled, quiet closure.

We also offer seats with a quick release, corrosion free top fix hinge feature for easy installation and removal for cleaning.