1. Dual Bar Mixer

  2. Concealed Shower With Slide Rail

  3. Concealed With Overhead Drencher

  4. Concealed Shower With Drencher And Slide Rail

  5. Burlington

  6. Crosswater

  7. crosswater digital

  8. Concealed Shower With Drencher And Slide Rail

  9. Concealed Shower With Drencher

  10. Concealed Shower With Slide Rail

  11. Midas 100 Bar Shower

  12. Midas 100 Bar Shower

  13. Quartz Electric

  14. Sassi Electric

  15. Visage Digital slide rail

  16. Visage Digital 2 heads

  17. Visage Digital 2 heads

  18. Thermostatic Exposed Shower With Slider Rail

  19. Concealed Shower With Slide Rail

  20. Concealed Shower With Drencher

  21. Concealed With Rrencher And Slide Rail

  22. crosswater digital

Shower Types

Bar Shower

S&A say goodbye to the chore of manually blending your shower’s temperature and acquaint yourself with a beautifully efficient thermostatic mixer showers. Mixer showers do all the hard work for you, so all you have to do is step in and enjoy a perfect shower. Simply select your temperature and turn the lever.

Temperatures and flow are managed with exacting precision, whilst safety features such as maximum temperature limits and automatic shut-off in case of water flow failure, provide peace of mind.

Digital Shower

Unlike a conventional shower, a digital shower is controlled remotely and by a small processor box. This has many advantages, not least easy installation. In fact, a digital shower is one of the very best options for replacing a shower.

A simple, slim data cable connects the digital shower’s control to its processor box, which thermostatically blends hot and cold flows of water. There is a wide range of digital shower designs to choose from and there are digital bath fills, too. Digital is ideal for everyone: an inclusive, innovative showering technology that makes showering accessible and enjoyable.

Super safe, reliable and ideal for every type of bathroom and user, digital showers feature one touch, push button controls and an LED display that lets you know when your digital shower has reached your chosen temperature. Digital shower controls can be situated virtually anywhere that is convenient to you, too. For example, a control doesn’t have to be inside the shower enclosure, it could be inside the bathroom door or at a height that is easier to reach.

Electric Shower

Safe and simple to use, straightforward to install and at no extra demand to your home's stored water, there's a reason that more and more people are turning to electric showers.


Electric showers heat their own water, and therefore do not require a hot water feed making installation quick and straightforward. These showers are perfect for retrofits and refurbishments.